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  1. I am a NMSHA member, but have not used the website except to download convention handouts. What do I need to do to get a username, pw, etc, as i have already paid for my membership? It looks like I can only submit that info and also pay.

    1. Hi Leslie. I am sending a response to your personal email. Thanks, Jennifer

  2. I am unable to log in. Do I need to sign up again as a new member?

    1. How do I find out whether or not I’m registered for the 2016 convention. I recently paid my NMSHA dues and paid to attend the conference which is required before I’m officially registered. I haven’t received confirmation yet.

      Thank you,
      Peggy Chacon
      NM License 3364

      1. Hello, I will ask Andrea. Thanks

  3. I will be posting an update from the PED Licensure Bureau regarding the licensing of folks coming into NM as SLPAs licensed in another State.

    I will also be posting the letter sent by RLD to school districts regarding the hiring and use of SLPAs.

    By the end of the week, I will post the proposed regulations for licensing SLPAs in NM to be introduced as legislation at the Legislative session starting in January 2017. I encourage the membership to review these proposed regulations and provide me with feedback and or recommendations for modifying them. You recommendations must be based on fact and not you personal feeling about the proposed regulations. You should post your comments on this site only as I will not be looking elsewhere for any commentary.

    Michael K

  4. I visited with the Licensure Bureau at the PED this morning to get some clarification regarding providing a license to SLPAs. I was told that the PED follows the recommendations from the RLD (SLP Licensure Board) and only provides PED Licenses to SLPs (MA/PhD level), CFYs and Apprentices. They do not license SLPAs. I gave them a copy of the Memo from RLD regarding the use of SLPAs in NM, which they did not have.

    I then asked what type of license would they give to someone who is licensed in another State as an SLPA who would come to NM to work in a school district. They stated that the person could apply for an EA license (Pre K-12) with an Associates degree. Many SLPAs who come into NM have an Associates license and may be licensed as EA’s. Once the PED awards a license as an EA, they have no further control over how the district chooses to use that person. If an EA Self-discloses to a district that they have training (an Associates) as an SLPA, the district could decide to use them to assist and SLP or provide therapy to students. The only way that the PED would be able to find ut if the district is using an EA in such a way would be on the district’s 40 day report – if the district reports that the EA is in fact working as an SLPA, then the PED can and will take action against that district and person. There is no other way to find out if a district is using an EA as an SLPA unless the SLP at that district provides the PED with that person’s name.

  5. For those of you wondering when CEUs from Convention 2016 will be posted on ASHA’s transcript record, Dec. 1st is the goal. Thanks!

  6. Thank you Sandy for posting the board’s position on the NMSHA listserv. Will you be forming committees around the state to review and make suggestions for the “draft” bill? It might be easier for board to have 3-4 committees report to Shelly and/or Michael rather than the entire membership. Just a suggestion.

    I’m also want to express a concern that out of over 1500 SLPs in the state, NMSHA only has 200 members. Decisions made by NMSHA will affect ALL SLPs not just NMSHA members. Is there discussion about how NMSHA will spread the word regarding this bill??

  7. Why can’t I see the brochure?

    1. If you accessed the web site when it was in black and white, it was during a four hour or so period of maintenance. The web site is restored. Have you found what you needed? Sorry for this difficulty! JH

  8. Hi! I need to print another receipt from my 2017 NMSHA Registration, but I can’t find an e-mail with a receipt in my inbox. Is there a way that I can print a receipt by logging in to the website? (I don’t see a way, but I may be missing it). Thanks!

    1. Hello Stephanie. Please contact Andrea at nmsha505@gmail.com. She can provide you with a receipt

  9. Please refresh my memory as to the two SLPs who briefed us re: Schools Issues & Advocacy during the Saturday luncheon session at the recent 2017 Convention. I would like to contact them and “stay in touch”. Thanks!

    1. Hello Mary. I will check into it and let you know. Thanks for your interest

      1. Thanks, Jennifer!

        1. Hello Mary. The SLPs presenting were Krista Claflin and Shelley Kastler-Davis. See their contact info under the NMSHA board tab.

          1. Thanks, Jenniferr! I “shall”!

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