Minority Student Leadership Program

In 1999, ASHA established a Minority Student Leadership Program to provide racial/ethnic minority students with an opportunity to explore leadership within ASHA, to increase awareness of the Association and its governance, and to network with Association leaders. Students that have participated in this program at the national level have a greater knowledge of and access to a number of resources to assist them in the transition through the certification process and into ASHA membership. Because of funding restrictions the national MSLP is only available to a small number of students, therefore ASHA has developed a replication manual for State associations to make the program available to a larger number of students.

State speech and hearing associations are responsible for helping to equip their members to deliver high quality services to all segment’s of the State’s client population. As each state becomes more culturally and linguistically diverse, there are increasing expectations that the state association will reflect the diversity of its population. An association that expects to remain viable in the years to come will be one that is inclusive and has processes in place to ensure participation of all of its members at all levels of association activity. A state association whose membership body is representative of the population served will have increased credibility.

NMSHA has been awarded a $6000 grant from ASHA to establish a Minority Student Leadership Program (MSLP) through the association. The purpose of the MSLP grant will be to (1) continue the conversation between NMSHA and each University training program to encourage students and faculty to become members of NMSHA; (2) utilize the NMSHA web-site to assist university training programs with recruitment of minority students to their programs; (3) provide a forum for minority students to participate in a set of leadership-focused activities and enhance minority student leadership skills through interaction with NMSHA Board members (current and past), ASHA members and other NMSHA members as mentors; and (4) provide an opportunity for minority students to interact with leaders in the profession of Speech Pathology, Audiology, and Speech and Hearing Sciences.

NMSHA is developing an application process and timeline for undergraduate Seniors and Master level graduate students to apply from each University training program to become part of NMSHAs MSLP. NMSHA will select up to two students per university training program (for the 2014 year). The application process opens March 31st with selection of students (2 per university) occurring by June 15th, 2014.

Students who participate in the NMSHA MSLP program will attend and participate at NMSHA Board meetings, shadowing NMSHA/ASHA Board members, and NMSHA convention activities focused on increasing leadership skills.

The NMSHA grant funds will be used to support travel and attendance for students at NMSHA Board meetings/convention, and mileage and hotel costs for mentors to meet with students.

The NMSHA Board wants to develop a list of mentors throughout the State, who would be willing to provide some on-site mentorship/support/training with one or more students on several topics. Each student will have the opportunity to work with multiple mentors depending on the student’s expressed needs and our mentor’s skills/talents. In an effort to match appropriate mentors with each student, please submit your information by April 25th:

  1. Your name
  2. Job title
  3. Contact information (including phone and email)
  4. Leadership-focused topic(s)
  5. Availability to travel in NM: (August-November 2014)

Contacts for the grant are: Michael Kaplan, President, NMSHA and Andrea Martinez-Fisher, NMSHA VP-Public Information. Andrea is also a graduate of an MSLP program.

Submit your information to: stachemannm1@yahoo.com (Michael Kaplan) ormartinezdrea@gmail.com (Andrea Martinez-Fisher).

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