Open NMSHA Board Positions

3 Reasons Why to Join the NMSHA board:

Serving on the NMSHA board allows you to connect with and impact your profession in ways that aren’t possible through other volunteer avenues. It isn’t always a piece of cake, depending upon the responsibilities and time of year.  However, the satisfaction that comes from helping achieve a positive impact on our profession, university students, and those with communication challenges make the experience worth the commitment. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should consider joining the board:

  • Make a bigger impact in your profession. Serving on the board allows you to connect with your profession and community from a more strategic position. As a board member you have the opportunity to use your voice and connections to help shape the organization’s mission.
  • Learn more about your cause. Board service is a learning opportunity and a chance to broaden your perspective on many issues. By being exposed to other professionals in the field you find out more about the things you’re passionate about. You can learn in terms of both content areas and how an organization functions.
  • Build a legacy- personally and professionally. If you are really interested in leaving the world a better place than when you arrived, serving on a board is a good opportunity to do just that!


Board Opportunities Currently Available to Members:

  • Vice President of Administration and Planning:
  • Serve as treasurer of the association.
  • Receive association’s income from dues, convention registrations, etc.
  • Submit a financial report at each Executive Board meetings (4x a year) or any called meeting.
  • Assist with registration activities for the association’s annual convention.


  • Vice President of Convention
  • Assist two other Convention VPs in planning yearly convention (e.g. exhibitors, sponsors, brochure, speakers, program, poster sessions, etc.)
  • Plan for speakers for sessions.
  • Assist with ASHA and State CEU efforts.
  • Organize daily debriefing session of convention assistants during convention.
  • Review and explore convention outcomes and evaluation forms.
  • Contracting and reserving convention date and facilities.


  • Vice President of Communications
  • Record minutes of the Executive Board meetings and of the Association business meeting.
  • Present minutes to the Executive Board members (within 45 days of the meeting).
  • Assist President to organize/distribute agendas for Executive Board/Association business meetings.


  • Vice President of Governmental Affairs- Medical
  • Inform the board and membership about medically related issues.
  • Schedule and organize NMSHA Day at the legislature.
  • Disseminate legislative information via appropriate media, list serve, websites, etc.
  • Serve as or ensure that the ASHA StAMP position is filled.


Do you wish to serve on the board or know more about a board position?  Contact NMSHA President, Sandra Nettleton, at or (505) 250-8120 today!



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